Affiliated to CBSE - New Delhi, C.B.S.E Affiliation No. 3530500

Near Navoday Vidyalaya, Roshnabad (U.K.)

About School

New St.Thomas Academy designed for the teaching of students (or “pupils”) under the direction of teachers. Most countries have systems of formal education, which is commonly compulsory. In these systems, students progress through a series of schools. The names for these schools vary by country (discussed in the Regional section below), but generally include primary school for young children and secondary school for teenagers who have completed primary education.

The future of our nation depends on our children. Keeping this in mind, broad mindedness and respect for all religions and values is instilled among the students. We strongly believe that the true education helps the individual in attaining perfection and self-realization.

With the above goal, a humble beginning was made on 2011 by the Founder Shri RamPal Ji .At the very beginning the school was started with nursery classes in a building near Roshnabad with the name New St. Thomas Academy. Shri RamPal ji was himself a Spiritual person who was generous and always worked for charity purposes.

We provide a conductive academic atmosphere in which their hidden talents, skills and capabilities get a natural opportunity to blossom. This is our continous endeavor for them to have successful careers, become responsible citizens and above all develop into good human beings. We need your support and suggestions to achieve our humble goals to give the students their dreams.